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Welcome parents! 

This page is used to share information related to PTO events, fundraisers and contributions to the CLT community.

CLT PTO Mission Statement

The PTO is organized for the purpose of supporting and enhancing the educational experiences of the School's students by:

1. providing an organization through which the parents, school, and teachers can work cooperatively; and

2. providing financial support for programs funded outside of the annual school budget.

2016-2017 Program Goals

  • Enrichment Programs

  • Engaging Classroom Technology

  • Security Cameras

  • Playground Improvements

  • Landscaping Improvements

  • Bulletin Boards


Diarra Douglas (Noah & Noelle's Mom) 

Douglas Doble (Josephine's Dad)

 Christine & Leigh Edwards (William's Mom & Dad)

Butch Bowen (Otto's Dad)

Cara Doble (Josephine's Mom)

PTO Documents

On-going PTO Fundraisers

The CLT PTO discount card includes over 20 local merchants in South Orange & Maplewood, including tons of places within walking distance of CLT: Cold Stone Creamery, Tito's Burritos, Ashley Supermarket, Cait & Abby's Daily Bread, Baccone South, Stony's & even Indulgence Day Spa!  

The cards are active until April 1, 2017 so ask a PTO officer about getting a card today at a nicely discounted price!

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How it works:
1. Access Amazon through the banner to the right and shop as you normally would. CLT-PTO will receive an advertising fee for all qualifying purchases. 
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It doesn't work through the Amazon app so please bookmark the link use it every time!

Last year, the PTO held a clothing drive where we sent a TON of used clothes to Schoola where they are then re-sold on their website, with the proceeds coming right back home to CLT.  

As of mid-October 2016, 86% of the clothes that were sent in have been bought by parents all over the country which is amazing.  It also shows that the CLT parents clearly dress their kids pretty stylishly :)

As we all know, every season we end up with bags upon bags of clothes that our kids no longer fit in to, so there is always opportunity to send in more clothes!!!  Simply go to the Schoola website where you can download a shipping label & even track the progress of the clothes we've sent in.

PTO Calendar

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