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You can be assured our intentions are to help your child understand the importance of being safe in a calm friendly setting. Once your child is dropped off at the door for a temperature check, they are greeted by their teacher. CLT requires "indoor" shoes for added safety. Your child may bring a soft pair of shoes with rubber bottoms for indoor use and will change into them at the "Shoe Changing Station". Separation anxiety is anticipated and their teachers are equipped to transition your child with reassurance, redirection and engaging activities.

Your child will enter the classroom to find a more roomy classroom to provide social distancing. Each classroom (cohort) will remain together throughout the day to help maintain low contact. Each child has their own (supply box) which contains their writing/drawing/coloring and painting supplies.

All staff are required to wear a mask throughout the day. Your child will need to wear a mask from home and will be given requested opportunities for breaks to take them off. Masks are removed during meal times as well. Meals must be child friendly and cannot be warmed or served by the teacher. Minimal help with food is the best way to maintain low contact.

Each Cohort will practice hand washing. They are encouraged to sing a fun song while washing or one they learned at home.  Hand washing is done upon arrival, after bathroom use, before and after meals and before and after going outdoors. Hand sanitizer is only used in the absence of soap and water.

At the end of the day, children will be picked up from the same entrance or the playground.