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This program centralizes in the education of the Five Domains of early childhood development: Social/Emotional, Language, Cognitive, Physical and Approaches to Learning.

Your 2.5-year-old will experience stimulating activities, group interaction where language development is central to guiding the student to share observations, explorations and inquiries, and the chance to be inquisitive as he/she explores new and exciting things. Social exchange and a nurturing, safe, exploratory environment take the lead in the Little Buds classroom. 

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Rhys39.2014Your 3 year old will learn about him/herself and the environment which is critical to this developmental stage. This program grows with your child by introducing key steps that will build socialization skills and emotional maturity, as well as, literacy and daily activities relating to the lesson plans.Furthermore, your little one will be energized by the exciting music, movement and creative projects that we use to enhance their creativity.

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Belle39.2014Your 4 year old will be introduced to our robust literacy based approach to teaching. Your son or daughter will be exposed to our letter's of the week, free hand writing, songs, rhymes and stories. Art, music, dramatic play and social interaction will help your child to build self-esteem.

An emphasis in sound manipulation called phonemic awareness prepares our students for the transitions into decoding and pre-reading skills.  Students experience whole group learning as well as small group and center based experiences as a precursor to the Kindergarten classroom structure. Our school uses the Envisions Math curriculum as it is a great preparatory tool for the Singapore Math Curriculum.  Students also engage in Science and Social Studies projects that expose them to non-fiction reading modalities.

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campYour child will experience daily active play in our Summer Fit Camp which features the following Core "Seeds" of Development:

1. LISTENING SKILLS - Following instructions!
2. TEAMWORK - Working together!
3. SPORTSMANSHIP - Doing your best makes you a Winner!

The Core Seeds will challenge your child to be leaders, boost confidence, and allow for problem solving among their peers. They will also take part in weekly Nutrition Talks on the best food sources for their growth and development and discuss whatever their heart wishes to talk about during our Morning Circle. Last but not least: your child will run, jump, kick, hoola hoop, potato sack race, and navigate through obstacle courses (just to name a few)!

Your child will also experience our enrichment programs in the afternoon through science with no-cook cooking activities and arts and crafts.

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"This is my child’s first year at Children’s Learning Tree and I have been blown away with the academic rigor, organization, and community atmosphere that this school provides."

"I am comfortable and confident sending my budding sprout to school each day that I am giving him the best opportunity to learn and grow both academically and socially."

"Our daughter has been at CLT since she was two and a half. She has thrived each year with great teachers and a solid curriculum!"

"The directors of CLT are hands-on and committed to excellence not only in our children’s academic endeavors, but also in their life skills, character education and creativity."

"Our daughter is a smart, happy, joyful student who loves attending CLT!"

"I am well pleased with the education, and care my son has received/is receiving during the last few years at Children’s Leaning Tree (CLT)."

"The educators are warm, nurturing and extremely knowledgeable in Pre-School Education."

"It brings me great joy to see my son’s enthusiasm about learning, and the progress he has made."

"In my eyes, putting my son in CLT was/is an investment in which my son is most certainly reaping the rewards!"

"After meeting the administrative directors, touring the school facilities and learning about the curriculum we felt our child could learn a lot academically and thrive socially in the CLT environment."

"CLT was the best choice for our child because of the diverse make-up of the school and small class sizes with lots of personal attention and encouragement."

"Our child has really learned to listen, focus and how to participate in a true classroom environment before attending formal schooling. Academically, my child enjoys learning and the challenges the school provides. "

We’d say if you want your child to have fun, grow and learn in a safe, caring environment then CLT should be the top choice on your list. We don’t think your child could be more prepared for a classroom environment than after being at CLT."